November 12, 2014

Pennsylvania is 5kin50States’ cover photo. Here are the top ten reasons why:

  1. My good friend Rachel took this photo and waited in the car while I ran 3.1 miles.
  2. Before this photo was taken we drove to five covered bridges.
  3. Before this photo was taken we stuffed ourselves at an Amish buffet.
  4. En route to this location our Civic was passed by an Amish buggy.
  5. During the run I almost fell in the roadside ditch after getting passed by a semi.
  6. The light.
  7. The colors.
  8. America.
  9. This photo marks the day I went to Blue Balls, Intercourse and Paradise in under an hour.
  10. This photo encompasses everything I love about this project: friends, travel, and becoming a dot in piece of landscape I never would have found without running.


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